How Will Background Checks Change Post-Pandemic?

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The foundation of a successful company often lies with its employees. A good team makes an ever-better company which is why companies expend a ton of resources in making sure they hire the right people.

How the Recent DOB Redaction Is Impacting Hiring in California & Michigan

Redacted date of birth DOB on personal information form

The backbone of the background screening industry is criminal record checks at courthouses throughout the U.S. The screening industry has recently encountered multiple efforts to detract from the ability of consumer reporting agencies and courthouse researchers to provide accurate and up-to-date criminal records in a timely fashion. The Consequences of Privacy Michigan and California have […]

Streamlining Ameridial’s Screening Program

Ameridial is a multi-location call center that has several clients with specific needs. Many of which require specific verification’s that are needed in order to provide their clients with the customer support they need.

True Hire Becomes DDIFO Business Member

True Hire is proud to announce that we have become a DDIFO Business Member. The Dunkin Donuts Independent Franchise Owners (DDIFO) is the largest independent organization that represents the Dunkin franchisees across the nation.

Court Updates & Delays

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This post breaks down recent court changes, court delays, and court closures that may affect your company’s background check process. A full list of court closures and delays is provided.