What You Need to Know to Avoid Improper Background Checks

Not all agencies performing background checks are equal. Practically anyone with access to a computer and internet connection can jump in the business of pre-employment screening since they aren’t required to be licensed nor registered.

There are companies who claim to provide instant background searches, but given the nature of instant checks, it is impossible for these companies to complete thorough investigations and stay in compliance with state and federal laws. These companies are simply searching a database and returning the results to you without further examination. While database searches are incredibly valuable and certainly speed up the time required to do a proper check, without the trained eyes of a professional investigator, it’s easy to mistake candidates who share the same name. Unless a background inquiry has been re-verified and cross-referenced by checking the validity of a person’s social security number, name(s), previous addresses and birthdate, database searches cannot provide an accurate picture of a person’s history. It’s also essential to combine all of these checks with federal, state and county searches as many databases have no updating requirements and can take up to a year to show new and relevant information.

In a new report released by the National Consumer Law Center, a case was referenced, revealing that Samuel M. Jackson of Illinois was denied a job because his background report showed he was convicted of rape in 1987. If the background investigation had been processed correctly, they would have realized that the Samuel M. Jackson who had applied for the job was only 4 years old at the time the conviction occurred. His identity had been confused with a Samuel M. Jackson from Virginia who was still in prison at the time the background check was requested.

Another growing issue is the security risks concerning a candidate’s information. Where are your confidential files actually being sent? Just recently, one of the largest bureaus has decided to outsource much of its background investigations operations to India. Unlike in the US, there are no security and safety protocols in India to protect the confidentiality of US citizens. On top of this, there are no regulations obligating any company to disclose offshoring, meaning their clients may be none-the-wiser that their employees’ personal information is being sent overseas.

It is important for a company to know how their possible candidates are being screened and how secure their information is. The background check company you choose to work with should be open and upfront with you about this information.

True Hire is proud to say that we cross-reference and re-verify all of our searches. We combine the best of both worlds, using time and money-saving technologies and professionally trained employees to give you the most accurate results. There’s no worry about offshoring either. Our company is based in the US, and all of True Hire’s employees live and work in the United States, ensuring that all of our safety policies and procedures keep your candidates’ information confidential.

True Hire Background Checks does all of the work for you. We adhere to all FCRA regulations, keeping you compliant with all state and federal laws; provide you with reports that are thorough, accurate, and easy to read; and give you all of the information you need to make informed decisions about your pre-hire candidates.

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