The Extra Mile in Background Checks: How We Can Save You Time & Money

Let’s Face It . . . Hiring Takes Time! Average Company’s Hiring Workflow Our Goal is to Save You Time and Provide Accuracy on Pre-Hire Procedures. If there is any missing or incorrect information provided, we ensure the correct information is located to complete the background check. We take it to the next step by […]

4 Benefits of Annual Background Screening

While the US employment market has seen an explosion in the use of pre-employment criminal background checks over the last 15-20 years, the number of companies using re-screens to manage risk is still relatively small.

Introducing TrueCrim

The TrueCrim database is an exclusive and innovative product that searches the largest repositories of criminal records, as well as sex offender registries for the entire country.

True Hire Background Checks: Powered by People

True Hire Background Checks brings you a safer, more efficient workplace for your employees at a lower cost. We are 42% faster than other leading background-investigation service bureaus and can save the average business 23%.