Title: Criminal Record Specialist for True Hire
Location: Uniontown, OH




Do you have a criminal justice degree or paralegal experience?  Or do you have an interest in our justice system?  This job may be a great fit for you!  Responsibilities include using databases and court research to find and verify court records for our clients, following all requirements of the law and company policies.




  • Search criminal record databases and court house records.
  • Determine if cases found match our criteria.
  • Write up any cases in appropriate format and log them into our computer system
  • Interact with outside vendors and clients.
  • Meet daily and monthly goals.
  • Enters, codes, and retrieves a variety of information from various computer systems related to a job applicant’s criminal history
  • Searches and retrieves information from files, microfiche, computer records, and other documents in response to specific client for pre-employment background screening requests
  • Releases information and documents in accordance with the Public Information Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other applicable laws and procedures
  • Updates notes when requests reach 48 hours and anytime a delay expires
  • Delays should be placed according to individual court ETA’s
  • Follow internal database notes in order to complete searches as ordered.
  • Conduct internet-based research.
  • Prepare written reports free of grammatical errors, summarizing research results.
  • Verify the accuracy and validity of data entered in databases; correct any errors.
  • Follow research quality control procedures.
  • Communicate with individuals via telephone to complete assigned verifications.
  • Operate office machines, such as photocopiers and scanners, facsimile machines, voice mail systems and personal computers.
  • Compute, record, and proofread data to ensure quality control measures are followed.
  • Follow up on previous requests from outside parties to supply needed information.



Essential Knowledge and Skills:


Effective written and verbal communication skills.
Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks.
Critical Thinking Skills.
Proven ability to be persistent, assertive, and probing when obtaining information.
Able to work independently and/or in a team environment.
Capable of working under pressure.
Computer skills and general knowledge of the internet.
Demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft word.
Proficiency in typing.


This is a full time position.  True Hire offers a great benefit package including 10 days vacation/sick, Holidays, healthcare, and a 401K package.  True Hire is a wonderful and fun environment to work in!


Please email your resume and tell us why you are a good fit for this job!


– See more at: http://www.starkjobs.com/Jobs/Criminal-Record-Specialist-Background-Investigato-in-Uniontown,-OH-WJ4089953.aspx#sthash.8VKDIpgX.dpuf



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