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November 2010

Get a FREE Dinner on us with our New Referral Program

Do you want a free dinner on us? True Hire has an awesome referral program for you. We have been very flattered over the years that our current clients think highly enough of our services to refer us to their friends and colleagues. Do you know other companies that do background checks or are looking into doing background checks? Refer them to True Hire!

By simply sending us a referral, you will earn a free dinner on us, whether they sign up or not! We’ll send you a gift card from one of your favorite restaurants!

There’s even more! If your referral signs up for our services, your company and the referral will receive up to $350 of background check services for free!

Our referral process is easy. Just send us an email at referrals@true-hire.com, put in your referrals name, company, address, email and telephone number. We will do the rest- our Client Services Representatives will contact them on your behalf.

Think of some people you can refer to us right now and send us an email. It has never been so easy to get a dinner on True Hire!

*Terms and conditions apply, contact True Hire for full program details.

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Massachusett's New Law on Background Checks Takes Effect

Since August 6, 2010 a new law affecting employers in MA has taken effect. The main component of the new law has to do with asking about convictions on the "initial" job application. In subsequent steps of the employment process, asking these questions is perfectly acceptable. Most of the other areas affected by the law are similar to obligations under the FCRA.

One other major component deals with employers conducting more than 5 background checks per year. The new law state that these employers must have a written policy in place regarding background checks and how they will be used. Contact True Hire for more information on the complete CORI Reform law or to discuss our full range of compliance services.

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Do you use Credit Bureau Reports as part of your Background Checks?

Many companies are using credit reports as a way to help gage a person’s personal financial responsibilities. Often times the way they handle their own business affairs will transfer over to the way they handle your business. Many job descriptions involve handling checks, cash, access to online bank accounts, investment accounts and more. In this day and age of technological advances, it is important to have employees that can be trusted not to steal and embezzle. We have seen far too many headlines in the news of embezzlement goings on- in small businesses, large corporations, government agencies, and volunteer organizations.

Employers routinely check applicants for positions that involve financial responsibility; bookkeeping or for positions that have access to sensitive customer information such as credit-card accounts, employers may check credit simply to measure a candidate's "overall responsibility level."

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employers have the right to check a job applicant's credit, but an employer must obtain permission before ordering a report. This is obtained with your Background Check Release Form. If the report has derogatory information, True Hire notifies the applicant.

Once an employee is hired, employers have the right to periodically check credit for other employment purposes, such as promotion, retention or transfers. Once you have consent, you don't need to ask again to pull an updated report in the future.

What information is provided on a credit report? The bulk of an employer's credit report deals with credit history – how the applicant is paying their bills (current or how many days in arrears) and any outstanding debts. It will detail any civil charges and any collection accounts. It also lists creditors, the date an account is opened, credit limit or amount of loan, and current balance. Any closed or inactive account information stays on a report for seven to 11 years. Credit scores are omitted from employment credit reports, but bankruptcies remain in your history for 10 years.

With the economy these days, financial challenges are going to show up on credit reports of your applicants; you need to address that with the applicants.

Lately many states have enacted different rules and laws regarding access to credit bureau reports for employment purposes. True Hire has a full range of compliance products that help keep you legal in all of your hiring practices wherever you are hiring.

roll call iconCredit Bureau Report
Details credit history & can give an accurate sense of a person’s reliability.

For more information about Credit Reports as part of your Background Check process, please give your Sales Representative a call at 1-800-262-7301 or email sales@true-hire.com. We can help answer your questions.

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