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August 2010

Copy Machines: Gold Mines for Identity Theft

Did you know that just about every digital copier manufactured since 2002 contains a hard drive that keeps a record of data that has been copied? Incredible as it sounds, this hard drive stores a copy of every document every copied on the machine.

If your company leases or own a digital copier and you use the copy machine for making copies of records that contain personal identifiers, this data is on the hard drive. If the hard drive is not destroyed when you sell or turn in the machine, you could be giving away private information to the next owner.

Believe it or not, there are people who specifically purchase used copy machines for identify theft purposes. With an inexpensive software program and a few hours time, these data thieves can pull an electronic image of every document every copied. If this hits a nerve, check out this video:

Play Copy Machine Video

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A Simple Background Check Could've Saved Obama from Embarrassment

obamaIn July, urging Congress to extend unemployment insurance, Obama held a news conference with three Americans who had lost their jobs and who would need the extension when their benefits ran out.

Unfortunately, one of them, Leslie Macko of Charlottesville, Va., lost her job because she had been arrested for prescription drug fraud.

Last week, in an attempt to push for more federal funding for school districts, Obama held another press conference with unemployed people. One was Shannon Lewis, a laid-off teacher from Hampshire County, W.Va.

But Lewis was not laid off because her district could not afford her. She lost her job because enrollment in Hampshire County schools had declined.

Neither Macko nor Lewis - for vastly different reasons - was a good illustration of the points Obama wanted to make.

This shows us that even the White House needs to perform background checks to investigate their situations better.


Sources: Washington Examiner and The Intelligencer

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