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September 2010

Record-breaking embezzlements promt supervisors to use Background Checks as safeguards

A single employment background check could've saved Jackson County, Miss. from having almost $1 million embezzeled from the public till. The money was discovered missing last November.

Ginger Lashley, a county finance clerk, was indicted on eight counts of embezzlement Aug. 31 and accused of taking $890,827.58 during an eight-year period. Lashley already had embezzelment crimes on her record when the county hired her.

In 1990, she pleaded guilty to 26 counts of embezzling from a local business. She was sentenced to five years of probation and ordered to pay $7,451.98 in restitution, according to court documents. Jackson County -- without a background check -- brought her aboard in the finance department eight years later.

While the county didn't run employee background checks at the time of Lashley's hire, they made the mistake by not running one on her when they began implementing them a couple years later. Supervisor Manly Barton admits, "She got under the radar."

View the entire story at www.gulflive.com.

True Hire's Roll Call and WatchGuard services could have prevented her from falling through the cracks. Protect your company from the same pitfalls:

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Roll Call
No more absent background checks.

Simply forward us your current employee roster, including name and Social Security Number. True Hire will check your report against the background checks that we have conducted for you and let you know if any of your current employees have not had a background check completed. We can then run the uncompleted background checks to ensure that everyone is in compliance.

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A post-hire criminal screening solution.

While pre-employment screening can serve as an effective tool, this practice falls short on identifying criminal misconduct of employees after they are hired. WatchGuard alleviates this shortcoming by providing on-going post-hire screening that monitors current employees for criminal behavior. This frequently overlooked screening is critical to fully manage the risks associated with workplace theft and violence.

Call your True Hire representative today to learn more about these services.

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Workplace Violence – Rage turned deadly at Kraft building

In recent news, a rage that had been brewing for years turned deadly at a Kraft Foods building in Philadelphia. It happened between three people who have worked together for the past two years and have gotten into some fights both physically and verbally.

It escalated when the supervisor finally suspended Yvonne Hiller, however she refused to leave quietly. Yvonne went to her car, grabbed her .357 caliber Magnum handgun and demanded re-entry to the facility which was guarded by 2 unarmed security guards. She found her co-workers in the break room along with 2 others, she instructed 1 to leave, then she shot 2 in the break room. She then went to seek her supervisor, fired and missed.

A co-worker had called 911, when the 1st officers arrived at the scene Hiller was firing at them. The Swat Team arrived and got to her, she is now in custody being charged with the murder of LaTonya Brown among other charges.

See details of the story at The Philadelphia Daily News.

Continued incidents of workplace violence highlight the need for an effective screening program as well as workplace violence policies and procedures. Contact a True Hire representative today for help creating an effective plan for your company.

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