Embezzelment in government positions

Newsworthy several times this past year have been headlines such as this one “Embezzlements prompt supervisors to search for safeguards.” from PASCAGOULA, Mississippi.  For information on this article, see http://blog.gulflive.com/mississippi-press-  news/2010/09/embezzlements_prompt_superviso.html written by Cherri Ward of the Mississippi Press.  There have been many cases where individuals that are working for government agencies have embezzled more money than we can believe.  It has been in my local government, the counties surrounding us, an all over the US.  In this economy, there will be even more embezzlement happening as people find themselves in more desperate times.  Make sure your business is taking proper precautions and conducting background checks on all hires.  It is also important to conduct annual background checks to locate any new crimes committed.

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