Managing Your Social Media Presence


Your activity on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, can impact your job prospects.  It is important to be aware of what you post in order to make sure there’s nothing that can negatively affect your possible future employment.  Many employers who are looking to hire, search potential candidates on social media.   According to, 34% of employers have rejected prospective candidates based on something they found on Facebook.  It can benefit you to use social media to network and help your job search but be sure it’s not holding you back from an employment opportunity.

Here are some social media tips from the University of Chicago:

  • Use social media to your advantage.  Set up a LinkedIn profile and expand your professional network.
  • Clean up your online presence.   Conduct a basic internet search and make sure what comes up reflects you positively and accurately.
  • Don’t overexpose yourself.  Limit your social media sites as using too many could mean you’re not cultivating your interpersonal skills.
  • Guard your privacy.  Be selective about the people you invite and accept on your networks.
  • Be discrete.  Make sure you don’t leak any confidential materials or information from your workplace.
  • Mind your “Netiquette”.  Use formal greetings and have good manners when connecting with people.


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