May Employee Spotlight

At True Hire, we are truly one big family. We know everything about each other, but often our clients don’t get the chance to know us on a more personal level. We are launching a series of employee spotlights, so you can learn a little more about the people who work hard to keep your company safe.

This month’s employee spotlight:


Emily is our receptionist here at True Hire. Her role entails being the first to welcome and speak with our clients or applicants and directing them to the correct person. Emily is also our Background Application Specialist, and the first step in our background process.

“I love being able to be the first person to welcome or speak with the Client or Applicant and to be that first impression for them at True Hire.”

Emily came to us through an internal referral. As we mentioned above, we really do operate as a family unit! The most important career lesson she’s learned in the past five years is to never get discouraged if you fail, because if you fail then you are learning and becoming better. Her favorite thing about working at True Hire is having managers that genuinely care. They care about the success of the individual as well as the business.

In her spare time Emily likes to hang out with her family, friends and her dog. She also enjoys painting and she tries her best to stay as active as possible.

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