Safety Tips for the Fourth of July



Each year, ER rooms in the U.S. treat people with fireworks-related injuries. It’s projected that 4700 children get hurt annually because of fireworks. That isn’t to say fireworks should be avoided, but there are safety measures we need to take before participating in fireworks-related events.

Here are some practical ways to keep your family safe this fourth:

–       Never make homemade fireworks; stick with the professional shops

–       Make sure you know your city’s laws regarding fireworks

–       Store fireworks in a dry, cool place

–       Never hold a part of your body over the fireworks while lighting them

–       Light one firework at a time

–       Children should NEVER handle or light off fireworks

–       Follow all instructions completely

–       Make sure spectators are a safe distance away from the fireworks

–       Don’t light fireworks close to your home, dry leaves or other flammable materials

–       Do not shoot fireworks toward people, pets, vehicles or buildings

–       If a particular firework has malfunctioned, don’t try to re-ignite it; instead, soak it in water & throw it away

–       Always keep a bucket of water, garden hose or fire extinguisher nearby

One final thought on firework safety – home use of fireworks is always more dangerous than going to a public display of them. Attending your city’s fireworks event is the safest option. Just something to consider before you finalize your plans.

That being said, we wish you and your family a fun & safe Fourth of July holiday!

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