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Background Check Services

Identity & Credit

Social Security Trace
This report is critical in establishing positive identification on an applicant, and can uncover hidden information. Social Security Traces verify the registrant’s name, current address, and previous addresses.

Credit Bureau Report
A Credit Bureau report details an applicant’s credit history and when used correctly, can give an accurate sense of a person’s reliability. It also gives an accurate listing of all current and former employers.

Driver’s Record

Bureau of Motor Vehicle Record
This report is a must for anyone who drives on company time, or drives a company vehicle. A BMV report reveals driving history, traffic and safety violations, suspensions, plus most drug and alcohol violations.


Reference & Credentials

Employment Verification
Verifying an applicant’s previous employment assures the accuracy of the application, and uncovers lies, omissions and exaggerations. Prior job performance information is provided.

Workers Compensation Report
Reports from the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation gives you information about an individual’s susceptibility to injury. Information is provided about the frequency that an individual has filed claims, and can qualify you to be covered under the less costly Second Injury Fund for an employee who has an injury that may resurface.

Educational Credentials Verification
An Education Verification verifies educational background information including confirmation of attendance and degrees received.

Professional License Verification
True Hire verifies special licenses or certifications. Growing misrepresentation of professional credentials has made this an essential part of any background check for a professional position.

Criminal Records

County, State, & Federal Criminal Background Checks
A Criminal Background Check can help you avert violence issues and lessen your liability. A typical check will show any convictions, as well as arrests, for felonies and serious misdemeanors.

Homeland Security Check
This service cross references your applicant’s name against over 45 worldwide databases of known terrorists, fugitives, individuals, organizations and companies considered to be a threat to global and national security. The Homeland Security Check database is updated daily. This service ensures USA Patriot Act compliance.

National Identifier™
A near instant search that returns results within a matter of hours or sooner! This search cross references more than 600 million records from all 50 states. These records are obtained by commercial vendors, including: Court Houses, State Departments, State Repositories, Sex Offender Registries, FBI Terrorist List, and Federal/State/Local wanted and fugitive lists, etc.
True Hire recommends this as an add-on product to supplement the more detailed county and state level searches.

Sex Offender Registry Check
This service will check the National Sex Offender database and each State for all names revealed for the applicant.


Other Services

Other services we offer include

Civil Court Records,
Government Watch Lists,
Global Screening Services,

and more.

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Why Perform Both National Criminal Database Searches and County Court Searches? Download this information guide to find out:

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As many as 30 percent of job seekers exaggerate their accomplishments, and about 10 percent seriously misrepresent their backgrounds, according to The Complete Reference Checking Book.

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