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Compliance Shield Products™

“Complete Compliance Management”

Basic Compliance Shield

Our basic compliance shield makes sure that your company stays in compliance with all federal as well as individual state laws regarding what information may be used as part of a background check. In short, if we report it, you can use it! Our legal team regularly reviews and keeps up on developments in all state laws, which vary dramatically from state to state. We make sure that we screen all results to keep you in compliance with all of these laws and regulations.

Policies and Procedures

True Hire can help write your company’s policies and procedures for your background check program. Whether you have different needs by position, or location, we can help write a legally defensible and consistent policy for your company.

Decision Matrix Creation

True Hire can help create consistency in your decisions by helping create a decision matrix. Based on a number of factors, a decision matrix can help bring consistency to the decision your company makes based on our background checks.

Complete Decisioning System

True Hire can take all of the guesswork out by reporting a hire/don’t hire result. Your company would not actually see the background check, only the end result of hire/don’t hire, based on a decision matrix we create for your company. This helps when multiple managers are making decisions regarding the background checks to make sure your company is fair and consistent across the board.

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