Showing Your Employees Gratitude, Economically


Employee appreciation is an important tool for increasing productivity and retention. So how does an employer go about rewarding his or her employees without breaking the bank? HR Toolbox gives four (sensible) ways to show gratitude:

–       Involve employees

Asking employees to contribute ideas for “Employee Appreciation Awards” makes them feel valued and doubles as a great way to crowdsource. Offer an incentive to their contributions, such as a $25 gift card.

–       Celebrate a “Job Well Done”

Present an employee appreciation certificate to the deserving employee at a special lunch or meeting. This can be done very economically, as you can print the certificate on special paper in the office.

–       Have a “Thank You Thursday”

Staff members love being surprised with bagels, donuts, fresh fruit, coffee and juice in the morning. It’s also a great idea to surprise them with afternoon snacks like cookies, cupcakes, and drinks. Switch up the days so they are always surprised!

–       Survey employees to gauge which incentives peak their interest

There’s no point in rewarding an employee with a gift that he or she doesn’t like. Therefore, it’s important to know ahead of time which incentives are valued. Your employees will appreciate your consideration and be thrilled to receive something meaningful to them.

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