Hiring the Right Talent in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley


HR pros know how important it is to hire the right talent. A poor hiring decision can cost a company thousand of dollars, and over half of employers admit to making a bad hire. Not even the high-tech superstars of Silicon Valley are exempt from this dilemma. So what exactly does company culture look like in the valley?

Work From Home

Obviously tech companies are up-to-speed on trends, and one of those trends is letting employees work from home. Here are some insights from Twitter, Cisco and Google:

–       Twitter allows employees to work in the office or outside, as long as they get their work done

–       Cisco allows remote work from home, as long as it is accompanied by video communication; no audio

–       Google admitted that its remote teams were just as productive as in-office teams

Competition & Culture

Behind every great company are great employees, right? Here are some facts about a few of the big players’ company culture:

–       As you can imagine, jobs at Google are very competitive – from the 2 million applications it receives each year, only 5,000-7,000 applicants get hired

–       Since Cisco considers “coaching” more important than salary, employees’ ability to grow is a metric of their satisfaction

–       Google encourages its staff to collaborate on tasks that may or may not be job-related: they use a program called Googler-to-Googler to teach each other yoga, Javascript, or just to mentor each other


Many companies offer great “perks”, but Google stands its ground as #1.

–       Google is famous for many things, one of them being its employee perks. Staff members enjoy busses to work, free food & beer, and the famous “20/80” rule – if employees get their work done, they can spend 20% of their time on the clock working on independent projects.

Despite the perks, Google insists that those aren’t what attract top talent. Twitter and Cisco disagree, and think those perks are expected. To read Tom Foremski‘s full article, visit www.zdnet.com.

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