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Trends in Drug Testing throughout the Country

Understand Drug Testing

Mid-Year Compliance Update

Four Benefits of Annual Background Screening

Seven Requirements of an Effective Background Check Policy

Tony Scarpitti is now on the NAPBS Best Practices Committee!

True Hire is Accredited!

Weatherhead 100 Award Winner!

This Month’s Theme – FCRA Compliance

True Hire Wins Weatherhead 100

True Hire Goes to 2017 Ohio HR Conference

Avoid Increasing Turnover with True Hire

True Hire’s Crim Team Finds a Hidden Felon

True Hire visits Charleston, South Carolina for the HourMinds Conference
True Hire joins local real estate investors at Stark County REIA expo

True Hire connects with local businesses at Canton Business Expo

Is Your Background Check Process FCRA Compliant?

Understanding Aliases

True Hire wins the Weatherhead 100 award

Introducing True Crim

Ohio Bill H.B. 56

In Conference

Looking Back at a Day at the Races

The Shifting Sands of Compliance

Falsified Paystubs & Past Employment Verification

Ohio Bill H.B. 56

A Bit About Our Web Entry System

Protecting Your Company from the growing number of class action lawsuits surrounding background checks

Understanding New Jersey’s Various Ban the Box Laws

New Invoice Format Takes Effect

6 Critical Functions the Background Screening Industry Serves

Keeping USA Secrets

State of Texas Sues Over EEOC Guidelines On Hiring Felons

The Same Company Investigated Navy Yard Shooter and Edward Snowden for Security Clearance

WatchGuard™ Your post-hire criminal screening solution

NFL Arrests vs. General Arrests

Get a FREE Dinner on us with our New Referral Program

Record-breaking embezzlements prompt supervisors to use Background Checks as safeguards
Copy Machines: Gold Mines for Identity Theft

Are You Monitoring Your Current Employees for Criminal Records?

Detect False Identities: The Importance of Social Security Traces

Shooting at The Ohio State University underscores need for background checks

IDS Backgrounds is Now True Hire