True Hire Welcomes a New Accountant and Two Background Specialists

True Hire Welcomes a New Accountant and Two Background Specialists

Uniontown, Ohio—The team at True Hire continues to grow as the background check company based in northeast Ohio welcomes a new accounting specialist and two new background specialists. Each new employee brings a wealth of experience to their position and will undoubtedly contribute to the success of the company.

The new accounting specialist at True Hire is Krystal Reynolds who currently lives in Uniontown, though she hails from Doylestown. Reynolds brings more than two decades of experience in accounting and operations management in the private, public and non-profit sectors. 

“We were really looking for someone that had a lot of skills in accounting and has had a lot of experience, so that we could develop our accounting to the next level,” said True Hire CEO Stephanie Froelich. “We have a lot of difficult transactions that happen at our company, a lot of clients, and also just managing the entire accounting process has gotten more complex over time, so we wanted somebody that had a tremendous amount of experience to make a huge impact on the accounting functions at True Hire and it’s definitely helpful to have someone with the skills that Krystal has.”

Krystal Reynolds

Prior to joining True Hire, Reynolds was most notably employed by the Builders Exchange of East Central Ohio, where she served in many capacities including sales & marketing director, accountant, and director of operations throughout her 14 years with the company, as well as serving on the board of directors of its subsidiaries.

Reynolds is responsible for all aspects of accounting and payroll at True Hire, everything from forecasting, budgeting, and reporting to accounts receivable, payable, invoicing, imports and helping the company prepare for tax season.

Reynolds said one of the reasons she loves accounting is the routine of the position, but she also has a passion for mathematics.

“I’m a math nerd, so it’s just fun and easy for me to focus on accounting and kind of lose myself in the numbers, and I also love seeing the company’s growth from a financial standpoint,” said Reynolds.

Also recently joining the True Hire team are two background specialists—Stephanie Fletcher, a lifelong resident of Massillon, and Liza Colson, who spends her time in both Uniontown and Barberton.

Fletcher began her career with more than 10 years of experience working in the medical field. She also spent some time managing a vacation condo rental business alongside other local rentals. Just prior to joining the True Hire team,

Fletcher worked in the airline industry as a training coordinator manager for Spirit and Frontier Airlines.

Stephanie Fletcher

“We really liked Stephanie’s past experience with training people and being on that side of the workforce,” explained CEO Froelich. “We thought she would be very good at following up and following through with the different services that she oversees, and we also liked that Stephanie is very friendly and has a positive outlook.”

Like Fletcher, Colson also has past work experience that made her qualified for the background specialist position.

“Liza has prior experience with several companies that had similar types of jobs to what we do at True Hire, she’s very good at researching things, following up, and taking a look at issues that come across her desk and we thought that experience would be very helpful for the background specialist position,” shared Froelich. “We also really enjoy Liza’s upbeat personality. She’s very positive and happy and we love that she brings that to the team.”

Liza Colson

The background specialist position is part of the Applicant Reach Team at the background check company. As background specialists, both Fletcher and Colson are responsible for various components of the background screening process, including social security traces, driving records, and several types of verifications, including education, employment, and references.

“It’s in my nature to want to look into things,” Colson explained about why she was interested in the background specialist position. “My favorite movie when I was a kid was ‘Harriet the Spy’ and I think it just stemmed from there. I love doing the same thing over and over again, so I could sit here and do this all day. It’s great work and it’s perfect for me.”

All three new employees were drawn to working at True Hire for different reasons, such as the down-to-earth work environment, how accessible the executives are, the local feel, and the excellent relationship between all the employees.

“I love that it’s a small company, so it’s different from working at a big corporation where sometimes it feels like you’re just a number,” said Colson. “When I started working at True Hire, it felt like there were personal little touches to make me feel like I was part of the team.”

“I love that it’s close to home and it’s a lot quieter and a calmer pace than when I was working long hours at the fast-paced airline, so just slowing life down a little bit has been nice,” shared Fletcher.

“It felt so inviting and I love the atmosphere and how everybody’s really dedicated to doing well,” said Reynolds.

“I also really liked that you get to see the owners walk in and out every day which is something new to me after coming from working at larger companies,” added Colson. “It just feels more like a place where you could stay and it could actually be your career for more than just a few years.”

True Hire is a full-service background screening company with more than 26 years of experience providing high-quality background checks, comprehensive drug testing programs, exit interviews and a wide range of HR services. For more information about True Hire and to learn about all the HR services they offer, visit or call (800) 262-7301.

True Hire’s headquarters is located at 11366 Cleveland Avenue Northeast in Uniontown, Ohio, about 5 miles northeast of I-77 and the Akron-Canton Airport. True Hire has an additional location at 4650 Hills and Dales Road, Suite 320 in Canton, Ohio.