Why Exit Interviews Are So Important



Exit interview – two buzzwords in the HR field. Theoretically, an exit interview is supposed to give employers a good understanding of why an employee left the company so it can seek to improve its HR practices and enhance retention. But are exit interviews really effective, or just a common, futile practice?

One reason why exit interviews are so important these days is because it has become normal for people to “job hop” and stay with a company for as little as 1-2 years before moving onto the next opportunity. Here’s how you can make the most out of exit interviews:


Small companies may have the ability to conduct in-person exit interviews, but larger companies need to streamline the larger amounts of data into an organized system. Online interviews produce the most feedback in comparison to phone and paper interviewing.

Collect Data – Quantitative & Qualitative

What does it look like to collect both quantitative AND qualitative data? In a nutshell, combine multiple-choice questions as well as questions that are open-ended, such as what the person liked best about working at the company and one thing they would change.

Many employers assume exit interviews need to be brief, but don’t be afraid to create in-depth questions that will actually help evolve your HR strategy. A few more suggestions for questions include asking about the work environment, managers, the job itself, compensation and overall experience.

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