Guide to Choosing The Best Background Check Provider


The History of PBSA
PBSA was founded in 2003 to promote ethics and standards for the employment screening industry. Its mission is “to advance excellence in the screening profession.” It is a non-profit trade association for companies that handle pre-employment screening, tenant screening, background screening and other credit reporting agencies.

More Than a Membership.
Only the top 10 percent of background check companies in the world are accredited. PBSA accreditation validates that True Hire satisfies the highest standards of compliance, security, and consumer protection among additional requirements. This distinction cannot be purchased, it must be earned.


Employer Guidelines
Employers and HR professionals should make sure they comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act when conducting background checks. The Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA, regulates not only credit background checks but also checking criminal records and driving records. Under the FCRA, you’re typically free to conduct employment background checks and use the information only if you have a clear business interest, such as hiring, firing, reassigning or promoting someone. But first, you must receive the person’s written permission before obtaining the report. If you then decide to act on it by rejecting an applicant or firing a worker, you must tell that person in writing that you based the decision partly on the background check.

Key Employer Responsibilities

• Pre-adverse and adverse action process
• Conducting background checks with permissible purpose
• Providing a notice if the information in the report disqualifies the applicant
• Providing disclosure/consent form to applicants
• Hiring/denying applicants based on their background check
• Providing applicants with a summary of rights under the FCRA.

How True Hire Can Help

• Sending pre-adverse action letters on your behalf
• Sending adverse action letters on your behalf
• Include disclosure/consent form on applicant invites on your behalf
• We provide a summary of rights for every background check


Streamline the Process
Data entry is one thing that Human Resource Professionals are accustomed to. But have you ever realized how many hours you spend obtaining your applicants information? This could be used for applicant tracking, background checks, or to simply have on file if they become an employee. Over the past few years, the need for an applicant portal for background checks has become a staple in choosing the right provider. There are several questions you should as your self before choosing a background check provider:

• Is the applicant portal truly mobile friendly?
• Do I have to remind my applicants to complete their background checks?
• Can the applicants upload documents or correct their information?
• Will it cut the time of data entry in half?
• Is the applicant portal easy to use?


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