Introducing TrueCrim

True Hire combines the National Criminal Database Search and the National Sex Offender Search into a single, powerful search service.

The TrueCrim database is an exclusive and innovative product that searches the largest repositories of criminal records, as well as sex offender registries for the entire country.

Stephanie Froelich, Vice President of Operations at True Hire, explained what inspired the idea to consolidate the two searches.

“We thought this would be easier for the clients. It’s easier to read—it makes our reports a little less lengthy— and it’s more cost-effective for them.”

The comprehensive and instantaneous search gathers information from more than 600 million records obtained from court houses, law enforcement agencies, state departments and repositories, and corrections agencies across the thousands of county, state and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Froelich described the advantages that TrueCrim offers for those wanting to conduct background checks.


“The TrueCrim search is a national database search, so it is very timely that we get the information and it also gives a wide geographical area that it pulls from so lots of sources throughout the entire United States it pulls information for, so say an applicant may have lived at a different place that we don’t pick up on the social security trace or the applicant doesn’t disclose a particular residence because they know that they have a record there, a lot of times the national database search will pick up that information.”

The TrueCrim search also includes the known fugitive database, homeland security databases (such as the FBI terrorist list), and more than 130 million individual criminal records from national and state agencies. The sex offender search reviews the National Sex Offender databases for all 50 states, as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico and Guam.

Froelich explained the competitive edge that TrueCrim brings to True Hire.


“It means that we’re able to market our own national criminal record search that we have developed through many different databases. This gives our clients an edge in locating more complete information to better access the applicant. Our TrueCrim product also is FCRA compliant, so our criminal specialists actually view all of the information that we find on there and then we follow and back that up with either a statewide search in that area or a county search to find that information and get up-to-date information on that.”

“I think it puts us up on technology a little bit,” added Jenn Yania, Director of Background Investigations at True Hire. “We’re able to go out and pull that information from all those different places. It’s a more comprehensive search, so it helps us to deliver a better experience to our clients.”

Froelich and Yania believe that TrueCrim will create a better experience overall for clients and help them get the best background check they can in order to build the best workforce they can.

“We hope that it’s going to be a wider scope of information that we can also use in order to get a more in-depth background check for our client,” said Froelich.


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