Oregon’s New Social Media Law May Go Federal

social media law


A couple of weeks ago, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber signed a bill that prevents employers from accessing prospective employees social media accounts, social contact lists, or even to view a person’s social media accounts. Oregon is not the first state to enact this law; it’s the tenth, actually.

Just a few days before, Rep. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado introduced the Password Protection Act of 2013. This act eliminates Perlmutter’s concerns of employers, “Acting as imposters and assuming the identity of an employee and continually access, monitor and even manipulate an employee’s personal social activities and opinions.”

The bill would mean amending the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act – making it unlawful for employers to make employees gain access to a computer that the employer does not own or operate.

When the Password Protection Act of 2012 was introduced in the House and Senate, both shut it down. Will it regain momentum this time around? Leave us your opinion!

See the original article on Eric B. Meyer’s blog, “The Employer Handbook.”

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