The Rising Need for Global Background Checks

The Rising Need for Global Background Checks

               Over the past several years, the need for global background checks in businesses has increased by staggering numbers. When companies look to diversify their business, hire qualified individuals, and expand their territories globally, they must increase their foreign hires. In 2019 alone, there were over 28 million foreign workers in the USA; this is 17 percent of the USA workforce (Bureau of Labor Statistics). There are several benefits to have foreign workers; one being the ability to now expand territories with a present individual in their country. On the contrary, bringing foreign workers to the USA for employment, allows the company to properly communicate with individuals in the other country and understand the cultural differences. Lastly, the increase of migrant workers in the USA has grown rapidly as agriculture is a major resource in the American Economy. Knowing this information is important to understand the need for global background checks.

                There are many questions companies may ask themselves before hiring a foreign worker. They may ask:

How can I be sure they are qualified, how do I find out if they have obtained a criminal record in their country, or if they don’t have a SSN how do I background check them?

                Recognizing these facts and questions has allowed us to develop an extensive Global Background Check program. Unlike many background check companies, we can conduct these background checks in more than 240 countries. Being in business for over 25 years has allowed us to compile several resources, tools, and strategies to bring top-notch background checks to the global market.

                True Hire conducts background checks globally.  Whether you’re hiring for locations in multiple countries or hiring international employees, we can get information from nearly every country in the world.

International services include:

criminal record searches

civil court searches

employment verifications

education verifications

drug testing

credit checks

motor vehicle reports

and more