True Hire is Awarded PBSA Accreditation

TrueHire was recently awarded accreditation from the Professional Background Screening Association.

Why should you choose an accredited background check company?
PBSA Accreditation is the seal of approval certifying that True Hire’s expertise is among the best of the best in the background check industry. We have the ability to fulfill any employment and volunteer screening need you have on any scale. Accreditation reinforces our company values and policies to provide the best service to our clients while upholding best practices and striving to be an industry leader. When you choose an accredited employment screening provider, you can be at ease knowing your background check program is in full compliance.

The History of PBSA
PBSA was founded in 2003 to promote ethics and standards for the employment screening industry. Its mission is “to advance excellence in the screening profession.” It is a non-profit trade association for companies that handle pre-employment screening, tenant screening, background screening and other credit reporting agencies.

True Hire became a member in 2009, meaning that we were pursuant of compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and regulated by the FTC and CFPB as a consumer reporting agency.

Accreditation is more than just a membership.
Only the top 10 percent of background check companies in the world are accredited. PBSA accreditation validates that True Hire satisfies the highest standards of compliance, security and consumer protection among additional requirements. This distinction cannot be purchased, it must be earned.

True Hire went through a year-and-a-half-long process to prove that it met all of PBSA’s nearly 60 requirements and undergo a rigorous on-site audit to ensure that every facet of our business complies to the FCRA and is held to the highest standard of ethics and professionalism.

True Hire complies with all federal, state and local laws as they apply to your company or organization to protect you and your staff or volunteers. We have legal counsel that specializes in corporate and employment law to keep us up to date on the most current legislative changes.

Information Security & Consumer Protection
All of your company and your staff’s information is stored on our on-site server and backed up to an off-site secure server to keep the information safe from any unforeseen emergency or natural disaster. Any paper with private information is shredded and all drawers and cabinets are locked. Every employee is held to our confidentiality policy, which states no private information can be shared outside of the company.

Quality & Accuracy
Our in-house and outside researchers are highly trained to guarantee the accuracy of every background check that True Hire produces. Each report is proofed by a second pair of eyes for quality assurance before being sent to our client. In the event that an applicant disputes any information on his or her background check report, True Hire resolves it as quickly and efficiently as possible. True Hire regularly audits all outside researchers who provide us with criminal records to ensure accuracy.

Ethics & Professionalism
True Hire adheres to the PBSA Code of Conduct, which outlines how member companies should treat their clients, consumers and each other. True Hire is honest and transparent in all of its business dealings, and all of its employees are held to the highest standards when performing their duties.


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