Streamlining Ameridial’s Screening Program.

About Ameridial

“Ameridial has four main areas of specialization. Our Retail and eCommerce Division supports Fortune 1000 companies providing customer service and sales support. The Healthcare Solutions Division provides membership support and customer service for regional and national health plans. Dealer Services caters to automotive dealers who are looking for assistance with their inbound and outbound customer service. Donor Care Center, Inc., our subsidiary, provides telefundraising services to various nonprofit organizations (”

The Problem

Ameridial is a multi-location call center that has several clients with specific needs. Many of which require specific verifications that are needed in order to provide their clients with the customer support they need. In fact, Ameridial specializes in health insurance customer service. Prior to using True Hire, Ameridial’s background screening provider required paper background check orders. The process was very inefficient and did not provide Ameridial with the fast-paced screening solutions they needed. Additionally, Ameridial felt that the price of background checks was far too high compared to the poor level of service they were provided. When deciding to find a new background screening provider, Ameridial required a streamlined billing process and a candidate portal where the applicants can complete their background check applications. Also, in order to accommodate their client needs, Ameridial needed several packages that would be designated to the type of employee.

The Solution

In order to properly customize Ameridial’s screening experience, True Hire needed to evaluate their specific needs. Understanding the multifaceted screening solutions they needed, True Hire created a comprehensive and automated screening solution that would completely streamline their pre-hire process. In doing so, True Hire created several packages that would be dedicated to specific clients and employee types. True Hire wanted to make this process as efficient as possible; to do so, we created several applicant portals that would be specific to the package Ameridial would request. In addition to Ameridial’s specific package needs, True Hire understood that the several states they conduct business in required specific attention to that state’s regulations. Being an accredited background screening industry, True Hire is equipped with the knowledge and experience in order to conduct background checks in all 50 states.

“I’m most impressed with the way that the packages are able to be set up so quickly to meet clients needs. The customer service is also phenomenal! Any issues are corrected very quickly.”

Jessica Mitchell, Corporate Recruitment Manager, Ameridial

Products Used

  • Social Security Trace
  • TrueCrim
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Drug Test
  • Alias Name Search
  • County Criminal History
  • Federal Criminal History
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Monthly Monitoring
  • Healthcare Sanctions

9 Custom Packages Created

6 Month Pay-Off Time Period

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