The Restaurant Industry is Going on a Hiring Spree

The state of the Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry is rapidly changing. Just like most industries, COVID-19 shutdowns paired with mass lay-offs immensely affected restaurants and left these locations understaffed and overworked. These fast-food restaurant chains are struggling to staff their locations to better serve their clients. The restaurant industry is going on a massive hiring spree and here are the details:

Restaurant Owners Are Getting Creative When it Comes to Hiring

A recent report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the restaurant industry has over 1.2 million fewer workers than last year at this time. Restaurant owners have realized that the “getting employees back to work” initiative is not going to cut it. This fact-paced hiring phenomenon is unlike any other industry – there is no time to narrow down applicants or go through rigorous hiring processes. It is now or never for these restaurants. Shockingly enough, Taco Bell is looking to hire 5,000 employees in a single day. Taco Bell has even started a manager benefits package to increase the surge of applicants. They have also started conducting drive-thru interviews and are hiring on the spot. Some franchisees have even deployed a $500+ sign-on bonus program to encourage applicants to start the same day. Restaurant owners are getting creative in an attempt to make applying more attractive to potential candidates.

Concerns are Rising at Corporate

One major concern that corporate entities are having is the reluctance of conducting criminal background checks. The HR managers at corporate are understanding of the unique circumstances but do not want to neglect a strong background screening program. They realize that abandoning background checks will increase turnover at a similar rate as the rapid-hiring program.

Still Measuring Your Background Checks in Days? At True Hire, we Measure Turnaround Time in Minutes!

True Hire understands the unique challenges the QSR industry is facing and have even made internal changes to their products to benefit their clients. Adapting to the rapid-hiring program so many companies have adopted, True Hire’s clients are able to receive background check results in just minutes when the results are clear. It is our goal to have the background check complete before your applicants leave the building.

We do this by creating the first, fully automated screening program that consolidates the application process with the background check. As soon as your applicants click the submit button on their application, True Hire receives the request through integration and the process starts. True Hire’s TrueCrim product is able to be set on auto-complete and scans a national criminal database of over 1 billion criminal records. The TrueCrim product also includes a National Sex offender Search, Global Terrorist Search, homeland security databases, and more than 130 million individual county, state, and national criminal records!

QSR Background Checks Done Right — The First Time.

Making safe, quick hiring decisions in the fast-paced world of food service can be challenging. At True Hire, we understand those challenges, and our background screening program has been tailored to fit the needs of the service industry. We know what your customers expect from you—a quality product made fast and without mistakes. That is the same standard we hold ourselves to.

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