Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-Employment Background Checks

Pre-employment screening for potential employees for criminal history keeps your company, its clients and its employees safe. we guarantee we will make the background check process work for you and your company.  With no-term contracts, we know that it is only our exceptional quality of service that has kept our clients with us for so many years.

The staff at True Hire stands ready with the expertise and knowledge to help you with all of your company’s background screening and human resource needs. We offer a wide range of services to help screen your candidates. Here are a few, but if you need something you don’t see here, please reach out.

Social Security Number Trace

This report is critical to establish positive identification of an applicant and can uncover hidden or undisclosed information. A Social Security Number Trace verifies the applicant’s name, current address, previous addresses, aliases used and validity of the Social Security number.


This is a national database search of more than 600 million criminal records is an exclusive product that instantly searches the largest repositories of criminal records for the entire country.  It includes the OFAC Global Terrorist Search, homeland security databases and more than 130 million individual county, state and national criminal records! True Hire recommends this as an add-on product to supplement the more detailed county-level searches.

National Sex Offender Search

This search will check the National Sex Offender Registry. Our database searches all 50 states individually. The registry lists all individuals who are required to register throughout the US. The search is important to keep employees and clients safe from possible predators.

County Criminal Search

This search for reportable felony and misdemeanor records within the applicant’s current or previous counties of residence is vital to the safety of your company. A county criminal search can help you avert violence issues and reduce your liability with hiring problems.

Federal Criminal Background Check

A federal criminal background check will show if an applicant has had any criminal cases filed against them in violation of federal criminal law.  It is a search of a specific federal district court jurisdiction.  Federal cases include crimes involving federal law, crimes that cross state lines and crimes that are committed on federal property.disclosure, alteration and destruction. True Hire uses encryption to protect personal information online; we also do everything in our power to safeguard the information at our facilities. All information is kept strictly confidential in our offices, and every piece of paper is shredded. Our offices are fully secure with state of the art alarm and monitoring services.

International Watchlist Search

This service cross-references your applicant’s name against over 45 worldwide databases of known terrorists, fugitives, individuals, organizations and companies considered to be a threat to global or national security.  This service ensures USA Patriot Act compliance.

Professional License Verification

True Hire verifies special licenses or certifications.  Growing misrepresentation of professional license credentials has made this an essential part of any background check for a professional position.

Credit Bureau Report

A Credit Bureau Report details an applicant’s credit history and, when used correctly, can give an accurate sense of a person’s reliability and financial responsibility. It also gives an accurate listing of all current and former employers.

Workers Compensation Report

Information in this report details any claims that an individual has filed with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. True Hire can conduct workers compensation searches according to state regulations to keep you in compliance.

County & Federal Civil Records

Civil records will alert you to any past or current lawsuits or torts (negligent hiring lawsuits, bankruptcies, etc.) and will indicate whether the candidate was a plaintiff or defendant. True Hire can do searches at both the county and federal level.

National Sanctions Check (FACIS)

True Hire can assure regulatory compliance (OIG Guidance, Medicare/Medicaid laws, regulations, CMS instructions and State Anti-Fraud Compliance) to help you avoid hiring and liability risks. Sanctions and Disciplinary Actions Search includes data sources from federal and state sources including OIG, GSA, DEA, FDA, ORI, PHS, Tricare  and all state boards that issue certificates or licenses to practice.

Medical License and Credential Check

True Hire provides you with professional licensure information for all state boards and agencies that issue certificates, registrations or licenses to practice medicine or deliver healthcare goods. License checks assure the employees, providers and vendors you engage with are not high-risk and have the credentials they claim to have.

Motor Vehicle Report

Making sure a candidate is a dependable driver protects not only the safety of other people, but protects your company from possible liability lawsuits and increasing insurance rates.
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Employment & Education Verifications

Many applicants assume that employers won’t take the time to verify the information, and you can understand why. Calling each employer and educational institution is time-consuming, so let True Hire take these tasks off your plate.
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Reference Checks

References can provide you with qualitative information regarding the applicant’s track record; communication and work styles; sense of responsibility; strengths and weaknesses; and interpersonal skills.
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