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Court Updates & Delays

Court Delays & Closures

Please see below for a list of current court delays and closures. If these updates impact your organization, True Hire will reach out and provide a workaround to maintain an efficient background check process. (Updated 9/2022)

  • Baldwin, GA, Chatham, GA & Richmond, GA: Please expect higher than normal delays on orders with possible records as researchers have limited access to in-court PATs.
  • Kansas: The site is unavailable as the state implements a new case management system. The following counties are unable to process orders until implementation and testing are complete: Atchison, Barber, Clark, Comanche, Edwards, Finney, Ford, Greeley, Grant, Gray, Hodgeman, Hamilton, Harper, Haskell, Harvey, Kearny, Kingman, Kiowa, Lane, Leavenworth, Meade, McPherson, Morton, Ness, Pratt, Pawnee, Rush, Reno, Scott, Stanton, Sumner, Stevens, Seward, and Wichita.
  • Knott, KY: Due to recent severe storms and flooding, Knott county remains closed. Expect delays out of all reopened counties as researchers work through orders from oldest to newest.
  • Maryland (all counties): Expect delays as researchers continue to work through the volume of orders from oldest to newest from previous connectivity issues with the online site.
  • Lander, NV, Mineral, NV & Pershing, NV: Expect extensive delays on any orders having possible cases prior to 2019 due to a long-term document scanning digitization project.
  • Puerto Rico: Expect significant delays due to hurricane damage. There are power outages across the majority of the island with no ETA’s on when it will be restored.


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