Our Guide to Choosing the Best Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

One of the benefits of using an ATS system – especially in regard to the recent pandemic – is the ability to hire new employees completely remotely. However, ATSs, in their purest form, do not remove the in-person aspect of recruiting and interviewing. To enhance the hiring experience, several ATSs offer integrations with other HR service providers and SaaS companies.

What is an ATS Integration?

From payroll to pre-hire services, there are thousands of software integrations that consolidate aspects of the hiring process. Furthermore, several ATSs offer post-hire workflows and features that make organization management easier and more accessible to the employees. One of the most popular integrations that ATSs offer is recruiting. For example, JazzHR – a fast-growing ATS company – offers integration with ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, and Monster. Integrations such as these grow the company’s capabilities by streamlining recruiting and applicant management. But what about pre-hire procedures? I-9, E-Verify, background checks, and other pre-hire services can also be included in an ATS integration. True Hire, a leader in the pre-hire screening industry, offers integration with over 30 ATS systems. In doing so, companies that utilize an integration can consolidate the application process of their candidates with I-9, background checks, and other required actions. Your applicants will no longer have to enter their information in multiple systems.

What Applicant Tracking System is the Best?

There are several aspects of an ATS system that intrigues companies to select their provider. These criteria include features, price, integration capabilities, interface, and applicant experience. That being said, Capterra – the software rating company – has ranked Workable, Breezy, and JazzHR in the top 3. Additionally, HR Technologist provides a detailed report from the HR perspective. Of their list, Oracle, iCIMS, and SucessFactors are of the top-rated ATSs – all of which True Hire integrates with.


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