Employment & Education Verifications

Employment & Education Verifications

More than 50 percent of people lie on their resume. They may make titles sound more important, exaggerate employment dates or claim they completed their degree even though they didn’t. Many applicants assume that employers won’t take the time to verify the information, and you can understand why. Calling each employer and educational institution is time-consuming, so let True Hire take these tasks off your plate.

Employment Verifications

Verifying an applicant’s current and previous employment assures the accuracy of the application and uncovers lies, omissions and exaggerations.

An employment verification checks the following items:

  • Dates of employment
  • Candidate’s ending title
  • Job performance
  • Reason for leaving, when available
  • Supervisor’s reference, if contact info is provided

Education Verifications​

True Hire can check your applicants’ education to make sure they are qualified for the position. It also helps you understand the full extent of their background.

An education verification confirms:

  • Dates of attendance
  • Degrees received
  • Major or area of study

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