COVID-19 Vaccine Verification

COVID-19 Vaccine Verification

Are your employees or volunteers required to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

True Hire offers a convenient COVID-19 vaccine verification service to help make your job easier!

Whether your industry is mandated by the government to have your employees or volunteers vaccinated against COVID-19 or you're choosing to require vaccinations for your workplace, True Hire is here to provide our expertise and help save you valuable time and effort.

You can set up our new COVID-19 vaccine verification as a standalone service or add it onto your existing background screening package. It's super easy to get started!

Plus, this new service will also include COVID-19 booster data collection capability and periodic re-screening options are also available based on your company's needs. This means you can rest easy knowing your entire workforce is fully vaccinated & up-to-date on their shots at all times.

How it works



Let us take over the hassle of COVID-19 vaccine verification.