True Hire Background Checks: Powered by People

True Hire Background Checks brings you a safer, more efficient workplace for your employees at a lower cost. We are 42% faster than other leading background-investigation service bureaus and can save the average business 23%. True Hire offers a variety of services, including Social Security Number, Name and Address History Verification, Education and Employment Verification, Reference Checks, Bureau of Motor Vehicles Records, County, State and Federal Criminal Background Checks, National Sex Offender Registry Checks, along with others like Workers Compensation Reports, Professional License Verification, Civil Court Records, and Government Watch Lists. We can even help you with Global and International Screening, checking the backgrounds of pre-hire employees no matter where they’ve lived in the world.

True Hire Background Checks is one of only eleven companies in the United States who can do NAIC Third Party Verification and Biographical Affidavits, and we’re a proud member of the Sue Weaver Cause. We can help you with those I9 Verifications, and we even offer an all-in-one Drug Screening program.

No time to do your own Exit Interviews? Need more accurate results? No problem.

From businesses large to small, we help everyone, giving personal care and attention to all—no matter if you’re a Fortune 500 Company, a landlord needing credit checks on prospective tenants, or a family needing a babysitter. Churches, schools, nonprofits and volunteer-operated businesses, True Hire has you covered as well. We offer affordable packages, tailored just for you, and we can even set up a no-cost option where an applicant donates the cost of his/her background check on your behalf.

Let True Hire Background Checks be your one-stop solution for all of your business and corporate needs. We’ve combined the efficiency of automated services with the irreplaceable, cross-checking abilities of our professionals. We’ll take the stress and worry out of staying compliant with all state and federal laws and set your mind at ease.

True Hire Background Checks. Easy. Fast. Affordable.