Five-Year-Old Identity Theft Victim

Lidia Aguirre, also known as Lidia Chavez, has been charged with two counts of forgery and three counts of identity fraud. Ms. Aguirre has allegedly used the social security numbers of two children, one of whom is five-year-old Carter Andrushko. Not only has Ms. Aguirre committed fraud, but she’s taken up residence in the US as an illegal immigrant and is currently using a taxpayer-funded interpreter and attorney to defend herself in court.

Identity fraud is committed by the vast majority of illegal aliens working in the United States as they are unable to legally obtain valid Social Security numbers; however, the majority of these crimes is never reported, and those that are reported are routinely ignored by police departments unless a victim actively seeks prosecution. Between 50,000 to 88,000 children like Carter are affected by identity theft in Utah alone.

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