Going beyond the background check

Employment verification’s, education verification’s and reference checks are likely the most time-consuming part of the background check process, but it can often be the most important.

Gig Work & Background Checks

Freelancing, contracting, on-demand, ride-sharing, gig work – whatever you want to call it, it’s blowing up! This type of work is getting more popular, which presents a whole new set of questions and concerns regarding background checks.

Why you Should Run Background Checks on your Tenants

As a landlord, property manager or owner, you work hard to keep your rentals running smoothly and in top-notch condition. One bad tenant can change everything! From late or non-payment to serious property damage, irresponsible tenants cause headaches and unnecessary expenses.

Security and Protection of Private Information

Security of information has become a major concern over the past year. While people have always been wary of sharing personal information over the internet, when Equifax was hacked last summer, it started an outcry for more security.

Background Check Myths

Many people think that if you plug someone’s social security number into a database, that it spits out a report of every record associated with that person, but this is a common misconception.

#MeToo: The Importance of a good sexual harassment policy

A sexual harassment policy protects employees from abuse and exploitation. It also protects the company from liability suits through promoting an open-door approach and having official processes in place for handling claims of sexual harassment.

Drug Testing in the Workplace

Positive drug test results are on the rise. Our partners over at Quest Diagnostics recently released their annual Drug Testing Index Report for 2017, and the findings are well worth the read.

Mid-Year Compliance Check-In

We’re almost halfway through 2018, and the HR compliance landscape isn’t getting any less cluttered. The Ban-the-Box movement, now fully ignited, continues to sweep through state legislatures like wildfire, and it’s looking like salary history inquiry bans aren’t far behind.