Millennials are lying the most on their resumes!

Human Resource managers beware – according to a new survey by, Millennials admit to lying the most on their resumes! This is concerning because in 2016, Millennials became the dominant demographic in the labor market (  

So, the largest segment in the labor force are also the biggest liars when it comes to their job applications. Millennials are also most likely to have the highest rate of unemployment and underemployment. This could be why they feel more compelled to lie on their resumes.

What’s more concerning perhaps is that the up and coming “Generation Z” joining the workforce are actually more “tempted to lie” according to their survey responses. That could mean an even larger amount of the labor force being highly questionable as to the honestly on their applications.

Overall, work experience and dates of employment are the top two areas in which people lie on their resumes. It is also common to lie or exaggerate about job titles and duties. Millennials lie most about gaps in employment, which makes since given their generation has the highest unemployment rate.

The fact is, 75% of human resource managers say they have caught a lie on a resume. Combine that with a shrinking talent pool its easy to see that hiring manager have their hands full. The easiest way to know if your applicants are being honest is to conduct a thorough background check and include employment and education verification in the investigation. 

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