Prevalence of marijuana use in the US

Once a common practice by many companies and specific requirements relating to particular industries has now become a questionable part of pre-employment screening.

What’s an identity if you can choose one

Reporting guidelines for public records, according to PBSA Accreditation, require a minimum of two identifiers. To turn the clears and get every record you care about, time is the enemy. The FCRA requires that:

Staying FCRA Compliant When Hiring

FCRA background checks

Navigating the vast world of FCRA compliance can be overwhelming and confusing at times to say the least, not to mention the high stakes of noncompliance.

The 5 Types of Criminal Record Searches

background check for criminal history

Are you currently running the best criminal record searches for your organization? What about the government-mandated requirements for your industry? Before you can answer these questions, you need to understand the different types of criminal record searches. 1. County County Criminal Search for current county of residence – Search for reportable felony and misdemeanor records […]

How the Recent DOB Redaction Is Impacting Hiring in California & Michigan

Redacted date of birth DOB on personal information form

The backbone of the background screening industry is criminal record checks at courthouses throughout the U.S. The screening industry has recently encountered multiple efforts to detract from the ability of consumer reporting agencies and courthouse researchers to provide accurate and up-to-date criminal records in a timely fashion. The Consequences of Privacy Michigan and California have […]

True Hire Becomes DDIFO Business Member

True Hire is proud to announce that we have become a DDIFO Business Member. The Dunkin Donuts Independent Franchise Owners (DDIFO) is the largest independent organization that represents the Dunkin franchisees across the nation.